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Unveiling Purpose. Our purpose never changes. We were meant to give God glory and thanks. The year 2020 has been a trying year, but these nine women have not let the season determine their purpose and calling in Christ. They accepted that life and business are unfolding, shifting, and pivoting each day. Despite this, they had the courage and the faith to share their stories, go after their dreams, and watch their purpose revealed in them. This unveiling process isn’t always easy. It will force you to get to the core of your identity and the heart of your beliefs about yourself and others. There may be deep traumas, heartaches, or trials to rear its ugly head, but they knew that God was and is in control every day. 

While we’re on this road to acceptance, success, abundance, fulfillment, and so much more, we have to get real about our definition of God and his purpose for our lives. We can no longer allow others to define our success. We can no longer let others derail our desires. We must rely on the Holy Spirit to help us come to terms with our healing, our true identity, and our desires, revealing our purpose and call to operate within our God-given gifts. These women leaders walked on this path of healing and serving others through their life and business. 


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