Challenge Starts July 5th, 2021



10 Mindset Shifts for New & Aspiring Christian Woman in Business

What you can expect to learn: 

  • Part 1 and 2 We are talking about the Holy Spirit and his role in our life and business. 
  • Part 3 and 4 We are talking about our roles as mothers and releasing guilt and shame. 
  • Part 5 and 6 Paying attention to the words we speak and accepting ourselves despite
  •  Part 7 and 8 The balance between wanting more and gratitude
  • Part 9 and 10 looking at your current money mindset and how it effect what you repel and attract

Sometimes when we as Christian woman hear the word manifest it gets our feathers all ruffled. I challenge you to look beyond how the world uses this word and see how when we come into agreement with God in mindset, our beliefs, our understanding of who Christ is within us that we will manifest exactly what God had for us all along. That's the journey I want to take you on.

It's not about using personal power to bring about our own agenda, that is what we know as witchcraft. It's about clearing limiting beliefs, lies, and vows at the subconscious level and engaging in spiritual warfare to take back what the enemy has claimed for his own. 

That's you purpose, your calling, your family, your marriage, your financial well-being!!

So Join me for the Mindset to Manifest Your God-Given Call

Have you been sitting on your God-given gifts or just not showing up fully in your calling? Join the challenge to overcome the limiting beliefs that affect us as moms and keep us from monetizing our passions as coaches, authors, speakers, and creatives!  

When you sign up for the challenge you GET access to my private Facebook group & 50% off my #1 Best Selling E-book!

About Justina Ford

Justina is a #1 Amazon International Best Selling Author, Christian Business Coach, Inner Healing Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Internationally Published and Awarded Makeup Artist, and creator of the proprietary blueprint Soulful Business Alignment. She developed a business from her heart and soul that has allowed her to mentor dozens of women, get paid to speak and share her story, expertise, and truth. She celebrated her first 5-figure launch and built a business with the flexibility to homeschool her three children. Most importantly she's watched her Soulful Business Alignment Blueprint help her clients build the mindset, clarity, and visiblity they needed that has allowed them to create signature programs, sign their first clients, triple their sales, get their retail product in local stores, launch biz from their heart and soul, and sign up to $1M in contracts for their own business. 

Justina is a Jesus lover, army veteran spouse, homeschooling mom, volunteer cheer coach, football mom, vocalist at her church, and a Savannah Sunshine Girl. 

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